Composite decking is a man-made building product that is typically made from a combination of different materials that includes a mix of wood and plastic. Both the wood (which consists of industry by-products like sawdust, chips, and wood fibre) and the plastic can be made from virgin or recycled material.

Product information

1. Eco-friendly made from recycled plastics and non-virgin wood, zero formaldehyde.
2. Weather resistant, suitable from -40℃ to 60℃, water-proof.
3. Timber like finish for an excellent non-slip feel.
4. No staining or painting required.
5. Water and corrosion resistant, alkali-proof, moth-proof, stainable and malleable, low pollution risk and odor-free.
6. Easy to install and clean.
7. High degree of UV and color stability,

Material Information:
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)
Description: Co-extrusion WPC Decking
Material:35%HDPE +55%wood fibre+10%chemical additives
Feature: Waterproof, anti-slip, long time using
Type: Engineered Flooring
Advantage: Zero Formaldehyde
Color: Red, brown, yellow, black, coffee, teak or colour match
Usage: Indoor and outdoor
Size:137*23*5000mm (Boards)
Size 137*11*5000mm (Fascia)
Certificate:ISO9001, CE, ASTM, SGS,
Lifetime:20 -30 years